Craig Pinkney

Craig Pinkney is a Criminologist, Urban Youth Specialist and CEO for Solve: The Centre for Youth Violence and Conflict CIC (UK). An experienced Youth Worker, Craig has a Masters in Criminology and is currently a PhD Researcher in Social Science. With over 17 years' experience as an outreach worker, transformational speaker, international gang exit strategist, mediator, mentor, and filmmaker, Craig is well known for working with some of the country's most challenging young people, potentially high-risk offenders, victims of gang violence and youth who are deemed most hard to reach. Craig is also the UK lead for the EU Gangs Project, an advisor for the National Youth Agency, Norfolk County Council (Children’s Services), Violence Reduction Unit (Nottingham), the Ministry of Justice in Jamaica, and a visiting lecturer, specialising in Urban Street Gangs, Youth Violence, Social Media, Race and Crime, Racism and Anti-Racist Practice.

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